So it’s been a good solid two years since I’ve posted here. Considering I like to pretend anything I said more than six months ago never happened, I was just considering starting a new blog, hiding all the old posts, etc. but I’m too lazy and they could be of value to someone. Oh well.

In any case, I’ve been inspired by my newfound free time and procrastination to work on a series of blog posts about the design of Shaker Robotics’s 2014 robot, Raptor SS. I think it is the best robot we’ve ever fielded and at its prime it was one of the top truss scorers and pickups at our events. It’s got some cool successful features and a few notable design failures. Overall, I’m happy with how our season went and I’m convinced that if we keep this up we’ll be on our way to regional wins in no time.

Raptor SS

Raptor SS, as shipped. A few revisions between this and the final robot.

Currently here’s the plan for posts:

  • Drivetrain
  • Design Strategy
  • Claw / Intake
  • Shooter
  • Arm / Shoulder
  • FLR Iteration

As with any big plan I make, there’s a solid chance I won’t actually follow through and make all these posts, but hopefully starting with this one will help pressure me into finishing these. Any excuse to procrastinate, right?