So Shaker is working on a unique schedule because of mentor time constraints. As a result, we have 5 meetings a week in 2 hour bursts. This is a lot less time than we’ve had last year and have spent the better part of preseason preparing for this and as a result we’re better off.

The first thing I’ve noticed is that for early design, we are getting as much if not more done than at a longer meeting. 2 hours seems like JUST the right amount of time to really work on concepts and think as a team without getting bored, distracted, or losing interest. I’m sure as the season goes on I’m going to loathe having short meetings where “nothing gets done” – but right now they are the perfect time to work through tough problems.

We try to use the time wisely by doing a lot of the “hard work” outside the meetings and bringing them to the full group to present and discuss. For example, I did a sketch of Shaker’s current four bar arm concept completely at home over about 3-4 hours of work and discussion. This saved time that would be spent at the meeting fighting over it. Then I brought it in and it was presented alongside student concepts that were just as refined if not more so at home. If we can keep this up for CAD design and robot building, we will have a smooth season.