So here’s the announcement / non announcement: We’ll essentially be posting almost everything we do to this blog during build. Not much of a shock, I know…

Funny thing: I didn’t actually intend that other post to be an announcement of our intention, as I kind of sort of forgot to do something most teammates do when speaking on behalf of a team. You know, little details like “show up to meetings” and “ask the leadership of the team if it’s okay”. However, you guys ran with it, and people on the team seem to think it’s okay. I guess I know Shaker Robotics better than I thought. ūüėõ

We’re in a bit of “unique” situation this year. Due to budget cuts, our most dedicated mentor is only working part time. None of the other teachers have the ability to commit to meeting time like he did in 2009 and 2010, so as a result we’re working on lower in-shop hours. Tentatively, that’s 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. As a team, we plan to¬†compensate¬†with the Internet. We’ll be doing a lot of remote CAD design and discussions online so that we can use our in shop time optimally. If you want more “raw” information on our design process and some of the discussions our team has, we’ll be talking on our team forums. Right now they’re a bit of a barren wasteland where I spend too much time talking to myself, but they’ll pick up in activity with time. I think. Posting is restricted so we don’t have to fight off spam, but you can always leave comments on this blog.

The other thing worth noting is that I’m a full time college student. A struggling full time college student who is also part of the leadership of student government and a 10,000 watt radio station. After the first two weeks of build, I will probably be in no more than once a week. Posts will probably be made by proxy, or weekly. A nice side effect of this blog is that it will keep me in the loop during the build season, which was a very big challenge for me last year. Luckily, since I’m not actually that helpful of a team member the team won’t notice much of a drop off… but this blog might be less interesting.