So I’ve been meaning to find a place that’s not my Facebook account to put a lot of my robotics thoughts, designs, and concepts. I’ve been meaning to start something like a blog for awhile, but after reading JVN’s blog for the 40th time, I finally did it.

I’ve heard him say “Steal from the best, invent the rest” a few times at his talks in Atlanta this year… So I’m doing just that. I’ll probably still post a lot to my Facebook account, if only because people are a lot more liberal with comments there, but now I have a space for random thoughts and designs.

Anyway, if you don’t know me: I’m Chris Picone, a Mechanical Engineering major at RPI. I’m a college mentor on FRC team 2791, Shaker Robotics, from Latham, NY. In high school, I was a student on 1714, More Robotics, from Milwaukee, WI, as well as a few other Vex teams. I spend my free time doing other stuff. Playing competitive Pokemon, DJing on the radio, and participating in Student Government monopolize my time otherwise.